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Very high quality upswept (+- 10°) rear loop (180°)  in chromoly. This loop allows to close a frame that has been cut.

We also provide some 25 mm tube to insert into the frame and the loop before welding.

If the diameter of the loop doesn't fit directly your motorcycle, cut it in, the middle (90°), cut the required straight length of tube et weld the 2 half loop with the staight part in the middle.

  • Diameter of the tube: 30 mm.
  • Thikness: 1,5 mm.
  • External width of the loop: 27 cm
  • Internal width of the loop: 21 cm
  • Length: approximately 35 cm
  • Flat side lenght: +- 13 cm
  • Swept side lenght: +- 16 cm
  • Under the tube high a the end of the loop: +- 4,3 cm

Note: We are not able to do wider bends.

If you are looking for epoxy paints, look at our VHT paints range for frames here

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