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Suframe for BMW //7 with /7 tank.

This subframe is made to order according to BMW model and the type of seat you have ordered. The production time is about 4 to 5 weeks. As soon as your have received your order, we will launch the prodcution.

For models /5 and /6 ​(​and with the older /5 and /6 style tank​ fitted​), the seat must be positioned further forwards on the subframe. This is because the older tanks are shorter in length​.​ ​If the seat is not positioned further forwards, there will be a gap between the tank and the seat. On request we can supply with no holes drilled in the top. You must mark and drill the holes for the seat unit yourself. This will ensure that the seat is in the perfect position.

This subframe can be used on twin shocks BMW with the Café Racer type 2 seat without modification.

  • Raw unpainted finish. We recommend to use epoxy coating. You can paint it yourself with the VHT frame epoxy coating.

Will not fit a BMW monolever.

Sold without the seat.

Made in Europe, nice quality.


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