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Very nice small mechanical speedometer 48 mm chromed with black background.

For standard speedometer cable (12 mm thread). Standard on most of the motorcycles. This speedometer won't fit the BMW.

  • Up to 220 km/h
  • Ratio K= 1,4
  • Chromed housing, chromed ring
  • Black background
  • White backlight
  • Mounting kit included

Calculate your own ratio with formula K= 10 * X/u.

  • U is the circumference of the wheel driving the speedometer. Calculate the formula 2 * 3.1416 * radius of the wheel or measuring centimeter on the ground a spin.
  • X = the number of turns that makes the square driving the speedometer in 10 wheels laps. Unplug your cable, mark the cable on one side and spin the wheel 10 turns.

Made in Germany


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