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Flexi wire hose cover makes customizing a bike so much easier than before and allows you to truly detail all the hoses and cables easily in an affordable way. Perfect for great looks and long lasting protection.

  • Includes all the different diameters of Flexi cover you’ll need to do your entire motorcycle: 6 m of width 1 cm; 2,5 m of width 0,5 cm; 1,9 m of width 1,5 cm
  • You can cover your throttle lines, clutch line, brake lines, electrical lines; anything you can think of all with just one kit
  • Colour: black
  • Braided nylon

The second photo shows an example with the grey kit.

How to install?

  • Select a wire harness or cable to cover and choose the appropriate size. Flexi covering for a snug fit.
  • Remove the harness and feed the Flexi covering over the entire length you wish to cover. Mark the sleeving at the end of the harness.
  • Remove the Flexi covering and cut, using a hot knife, rope cutter, soldering iron with blade, or some type of cutting and sealing method. Proper cutting is important to prevent fraying and to achieve the best looking results.
  • Sleeve the material back over the wiring harness and reinstall using the shrink tube supplied or cable clamps

Made in USA


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