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The m-Unit Cable Kit is a ready made set of cables to aid in the assembly of a wiring harness.

This cable kit consists of top grade copper-strand cables and will help you doing quick work of creating a new wiring harness.
The different cable diameters and colors are ideally suited for application in connection with the m-Unit. Their number and length is sufficient for most models.

Colour Width Use Length
brown 2,5 mm² Ignition, Auxiliary 5
black 2,5 mm² Earth 4
blue 2,5 mm² Starter 2
white 1,5 mm² Turnsignal right (out) 4
red 1,5 mm² Horn (out) 2
yellow 1,5 mm² Turnsignal left (out) 4
orange 1,5 mm² Light - low (out) 4
green 1,5 mm² Light– high (out) 2
purple 1,5 mm² Brake light 2
white 0,5 mm² Turnsignal switch right (in) 2
blue 0,5 mm² Starter switch (in) 2
red 0,5 mm² Horn switch (in) 2
yellow 0,5 mm² Turnsignal switch left (in) 2
green 0,5 mm² Kill switch 2
orange 0,5 mm² Light switch (in) 2
purple 0,5 mm² Brake light (in) 2
brown 0,5 mm² Inglition lock (in) 2
Cable tie small 15      
Cable tie big 15      
Cable end sleeves small 10      
Cable end sleeves medium 10      
Cable end sleeves big 10      



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