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This is the smallest electronicbox on the market. The box is able to control the main electrical functions of your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:

  • Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher, "Low Light" dim modus adjustable
  • Control of low - and high beam possible with 2 buttons or a switch
  • Control of starter relay and motor off with 1 or 2 buttons
  • Control of the horn
  • Brake light control or user programmable dim function of the rear light
  • 8 status LED at the outputs give a visible response of the power outputs
  • The power outputs are short circuit protected with an implemented self reset function
  • The several functions are user programmable and can be changed at every time. Just press the horn button while switching on the power to the D-Box and your are in the "program" mode. A one time emergancy flash will indicate the program mode. A press on the right or left indicator button will switch on or off a small showflasher function. A press on the horn button will switch to the second program option. So, you can easily program your own setting with 8 steps.


  • Length: 50 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Heigth: 10 mm


  • 0,5 mm² for input
  • 1 mm² for power output


  • Shock resistant ABS plastic, water resistant

Made in Germany


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