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DAYTONA VELONA W, digital speedometer and tachometer, up to 200 km/h/9000 RPM, Ø 80 mm, black housing, round Ø 80 mm, white backlight, double needle, display: Ignition, Neutral, High beam, turn signal
speed / volt / mileage / trip / speed, with holder

The digital signal of the motorcycle is used. If the motorcycle does not provide a digital signal, an active universal speed sensor or a speedometer adapter as well as an induction cable set for the determination of the speed can be ordered optionally.


Speed and rpm in one instrument
On motorcycles with electronic sensor, the signal can be taken from the original pulse generator
LCD display with many functions
Display with stepper motor for fast display of the current speed or rpm. Speed
Easy adjustment with two buttons on the rear
(Optionally available is a handlebar-mountable 2-button remote control)
Only suitable for 12V DC
White backlight
Ø 80mm
Matt black stainless steel housing
Holder included


Speedometer: 0-200 km/h(0-200 MPH) (display analog)
Speed range: 0-9.000 rpm (display analogue)
Odometer: 0,0-99.999,9 km(mile)
Tripmeter: 0,0-99.999,9 km(mile)
Voltmeter: 0.0-18.0 V
V-Max. Storage
rpm-Max. Memory
LED to indicate the optimum switching point
LEDs for flasher, high beam, idle and a warning LED usable for various functions
Pulse rate adjustable 1P-1r/1P-2r/2P-1r/30P-1r
Suitable for 12 V



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