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Pair of black led turnsignals

The latest lighting technology in a dynamic metal housing in black.
Very bright LED indicator with tinted glass and COB (Chip On Board) technology.
The semiconductor chip without package is glued directly onto a printed circuit board and enables a smaller design and better heat dissipation.
An optical highlight on every motorcycle type.

Width (tursignal): 33 mm
Total width : 48 mm
Height : 20 mm
Depth : 21 mm
Threaded bolt: M8 x 1.25 mm

Technical data:
yellow cable = flasher (+)
black cable = ground (-)

If your bike has conventional turnlights, it requires the installation of resistors for led turn signal or a frequency stabilised turnsignal relay  to ensure proper flash frequency.

If your bike is already equipped with LED indicators, setting up resistor or a variable relay is not necessary.