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Electronic box version B

This box was developed by various inquiries of customers, who wanted a box for a fast installation, with which a somewhat larger construction plays no role compared to the other boxes. The B-Box can be powered via the normal ignition switch, or an optional RFID antenna can be connected for keyless access. Alternatively, you can also connect an optional Bluetooth module, which allows complete control of your bike via your mobile phone. You can download the Android app below. 8 status LEDs in the box allow quick diagnosis during installation and when setting the various functions. A 20 Amp Inline fuse is integrated. The outputs are short-circuit proof and self-resetting. The box controls the following functions:

  • Ignition (with or without side stand switch)
  • Starter (with or without neutral switch switch)
  • Main beam and dipped beam with switches or buttons
  • Indicators via switches or buttons
  • Brake light with or without dimming function
  • Horn