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This module allows to remove the "Lunch box" speedometer on BMW K75 K 75 / K100 K 100 / K1100 K 1100 / K1

The Lunchbox - Remover has an intgrated neutral switch control with an output for the starter relay and the neutral indicator led.

A virtual load resistor for the charging system is implemented and the signal from the speed sensor is boosted from 0,2 Volt to 8 Volt what allow an implementation of the most aftermarket speedos in your bike.

This module allow an easier removement of the old "lunchbox" speedo and the original bulky harness. 

  • Dimensions: 41 mm length x 26 mm wide x 12,5 mm height
  • Body material: shock resistant ABS plastic, waterresist potted
  • Case Color: Black
  • Connections: 0,14 qmm, 20 cm
  • Maximum temperature: 80 degree Celsius
  • Input voltage range: 7 - 18 Volt