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Axel Joost Multi flasher relay

Extremely small load-independent digital flasher unit, ideal for LED flasher conversions or for conventional 10 Watt or 21 Watt bulb flashers.
Small flasher relay (16x52 mm) with comfort flasher function, switches off after 4 x flashing, 30 x flashing or 180 x flashing, depending on the pusher control, show flasher mode (flashers flash at the beginning 2 x as soon as the ignition is activated)
40mm x 25mm x 12mm
Current consumption:
Max. 7mA microcontroller, 2 x 4 Ampere power section
input voltage:
8 - 13.8 V -short time up to 18 Volt
control section 0.5mm², power section 1 mm², each 10 cm
maximum ambient temperature:
100 degrees Celsius
Admissible current from 12V connection:
2 x 4 Ampere, short-circuit proof